Thursday, 10 October 2013

Feeling ever so wise

This post is coming to you from the library. (shhh!) Unfortunately, the post title is to do with my very painful wisdom tooth rather than the font of knowledge which this library is turning me into!

I am in the midst of writing my research proposal for my Honours Project: 'an investigation into the optimum chemical treatment method for the enhancement of latent fingerprints deposited on a range of plastic surfaces'.

It has been a few hours now and my concentration is at an all time low so I am having a little blog and picnic break. Tom called to inform me he was delivering snacks. What a star!

Motivational diary cover and my delicious picnic

I have found a quiet corner of the library because at the moment I am the annoying one who keeps sniffing and coughing. I didn't expect it to be this quiet, but it is Thursday morning which in student world means 'post Wednesday night out hangover day'.

Yesterday I attended a careers fair, being asked 'so what do you want to do with your life?' mutliple times was horrible. There is a specific place I want to work upon graduation but the job propects were few and far between. I checked their website again yesterday and found the perfect job role! Tonight will be designated to knitting and filling in this job application. My degree and year working in a fingerprint laboratory still leaves me underqualified but if I get to interview stage I will be delighted. fingers crossed!

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