Friday, 6 December 2013

The weather outside is frightful...

Whilst feeling festive last night I decided I wanted to make something other than a tree decoration. As a child I never had a stocking so I decided that would be perfect to make. Armed with my cereal box (to make a template), felt, embroidery thread and needle I set to work...

In my opinion, there is nothing cuter for Christmas than blanket stitch... would you agree?

I drew a stocking template on my cereal box, several times might I add; I just couldn't get the right amount of 'curviness'. However, I am happy with the final shape, especially the heel and toe patches.

The idea for lettering came from looking at a picture in a magazine where there were several stockings hanging on a fireplace and each had a name on. When I'm older and have a house and a family I will definitely be doing that! I wanted to try it out with a simple letter shape, but one that could also be used to give as a gift (providing it turned out okay)... so, T for Tom.

The actual colours are a forest green, red and white but my mobile phone camera filter didn't quite do the colours justice so here is one with no filter.

I hope you like the design, I'd love to know your thoughts! Please leave a comment. xx

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