Thursday, 30 January 2014

I declare myself a 'procrastiknitter'

Well, what a start to 2014. I apologise for not blogging in so long; Christmas got in the way (more about that in a minute) and then January madness, back to University with looming lab report deadlines, Dissertation, presentations, Honours Project, exams... (are you stressed just reading this?!) 

You might be thinking 'why is she blogging instead of doing University work?' and the answer is... 'procrastination'. It is a global phenomenon, not just a student illness! Are you reading this when you should really be doing work, laundry, dishes... etc etc? They can wait until the end of this; I promise some nice pictures soon!

I will start with my Christmas story...

Arriving home was nice because my Uncle is a feeder and conveniently they only live around the corner - winner for my tummy! Unfortunately, my little brother started feeling ill in the weeks before Christmas and stayed off school with me as Mum had to work. She is an estate agent and apparently Christmas is manic for house buyers and sellers, who could be bothered with the stress? Anyway, I digress... back to my brother, Freddie. The poor little mite started complaining of stomach pains (I will spare you the rest of the gory details) and I had to carry him from his bed to the living room and bring him everything but he isn't usually one to complain so I didn't mind. The end of a very long story and a hurried visit to the emergency doctor: he had appendicitis. Off we went to the hospital one evening and after blood tests and a loooong wait they decided to keep him in overnight and operate the next day. During this waiting time I fainted and woke up in a bed on the children's ward with dinosaur stickers on the wall, a very confusing experience! My blood sugar was low so I had a few biscuits and some chocolate and was fine. 

The surgeons operated, only to find a very large, very necrotic appendix and they were amazed at how brave Freddie had been whilst they were prodding and poking him the previous day. The next few days involved lots of trips to and fro between the hospital, home and Auntie and Uncle's house. I also completed all the Christmas shopping the day before Christmas Eve then went to collect Mum and Freddie from the hospital in the evening to bring them home. Two of the surgeons had a bet that Freddie wouldn't be out for Christmas day and were amazed when he came out. All was well and we had a lovely Christmas Day.

Bethany, Freddie and myself on Christmas Day

Boxing Day I began my drive to Eglwysbach in Wales for a second Christmas. My other half, Tom, and his family have been doing up an old pub (lots to come on that at a later date) in Eglwysbach called 'The Bee Inn'. It looks lovely now and I would definitely recommend a visit! My second Christmas was much calmer than the first; a very welcome break. Below is a cork board which I made for Tom's parents as a Christmas Gift. All corks used were collected from the wines drunk at Tom's house in the previous months... Rioja is a favourite! 

New year's Eve was one with mixed feelings - I was in Wales and due to go to a house party when Freddie was admitted back into hospital with a fever, infection and fluid in his abdomen. I was assured he would be fine and celebrated the coming of 2014.

And that brings us to now...
The beginning of January involved lots of University work and am currently taking a break from writing my Dissertation to blog. In the previous weeks I have done some sewing, baking and knitting in between lectures and working in the library.  

These cute pink and cream candy stripe mittens are a result of my 'procrastiknitting'... do you like?

Personalised bunting - very cute!

A delicious Devil's food cake.

If you have reached this point, congratulations for surviving and thankyou ever so much!

Sophie x

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