Friday, 15 November 2013

All creatures great and small...

I had a weekend off crafting in order to go home and visit my family. Here are some pictures of some mimi pygmy goats (Cookie and Crumble) and two mini Shetland ponies (Dolly and Donna) who belong to my Mum's partner's neighbour. He lives in a small hamlet which we went to visit after a delightful Sunday roast.

Mini pygmy goat, I don't know if this is Cookie or Crumble.

My sister loves horses, unfortunately this stable does not belong to us.

A view across the fields on a crisp Sunday afternoon.

Cookie and Crumble playing in the field.

My sister with a normal sized horse and Dolly, the mini Shetland pony.

My brother feeding Dolly.

My mum talking to Dolly. She uses the same tone of voice to talk to animals and babies.

Dolly's mum, Donna.

My brother and Dolly again.

A proper Sunday roast with all the trimmings... it makes me hungry just looking at this picture.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at pictures of mini animals, what could be cuter?! More crafty posts to come in the future, pinky promise. xx

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