Tuesday, 19 November 2013

I have ripples of excitement for this next project

Look what arrived in the post today... yarntasic, yarnilicious, yarnahoy!!

The weather is utterly miserable today which made photography a bit difficult; I had to line these up right next to the window to get any natural light on them.

When this lovely lot grow up they are going to be a Ripple blanket :) I will be using and adapting this pattern from Attic 24 and if my blanket turns out half as nice I will be so pleased.

I wanted the same yarn as I am using for my granny square blanket (Rico essentials 365 aran) but the colour range isn't as vast; this is Rico essentials cotton dk. They were purchased from Deramores on Sunday evening and have arrived this morning (Tuesday), I am very impressed with their service. Congratulations Deramores!

The colours I bought (left to right in picture) are:
1 - Cardinal (84)
2 - Silver (03)
3 - Blue Green (42)
4 - Mauve (17)
5 - Dusky Rose (19)
6 - Burgundy (00)
7 - Aqua (95)
8 - Anthracite (28)

Also sneaking in the picture, my giraffe slippers. A Christmas present last year and I love them! I always wear them in my flat, today they will be helping me through a very extensive lab report I have to write. So I need to put down all this lovely yarn, get out of creative mode, into scientist mode and write all about drugs I have been analysing. Wish me luck... x


  1. Oh Scrummy! That yarn looks LUSH...enjoy the ripple journey!

    1. Thankyou! I wanted to start today but I have had an unfortunate hockey related injury yesterday which has made holding my crochet hook very painful :( xxxxx

  2. I love this yarn- it's got a lovely sheen to it. I've just bought some from Abakhan (off London Road) for my Christmas project. So you may be able to get some of your shades there. I love your choice of colours and can't wait to see it develop. Happy hookin' X

  3. Sorry - me again. Saw this project and thought of you...the colours are very similar to the ones you've chosen. (I really want to make this too- it's one of the nicest ones I've seen). Heres the link
    http://sweetheartcrochet.blogspot.de/ If you scroll down it's the crochet hook holder.
    P.s Good Luck for your move in the Spring! X

    1. They are very similar!! I love the way the yarns have been photographed up close and put next to each other. xxxxx