Monday, 4 November 2013

Busy, busy baker

I have been meaning to write a post for a while now but I just didn't have anything crafty to write about. I didn't want to bore you with details of my life: get up, go to uni, go to library, make dinner, go to sleep. Unfortunately, since learning to crochet last month I have developed an acute granny square addiction so any crafty time has been spent doing those.

With the lack of variety craft-wise I have been doing a bit of baking. A few weeks ago I made mini victoria sandwich cakes which were a massive hit! So when I asked Tom what he would like me to bake yesterday he requested those again but I also wanted to try something a little different... I decided on apricot chelsea buns. 

I used the Paul Hollywood recipe  as I have never made dough before. I added apricots, raspberry jam and chunks of chocolate. They turned out very well but I will probably omit the chocolate next time because the chunks poking out look a bit burnt.

The first time I baked the sponge cake mixture in a swiss roll tin and used a circle cutter (it was actually the plastic lid from a deodorant can which I washed) to make the shapes before individually filling with jam and buttercream.

The second time I decided the first time created too much mess and fuss so baked the mixture in a square tin, split the cake in half, filled and then cut squares from it... quicker, less mess, not as cute but equally as delicious!

To prove I don't spend my life eating cake (oh how I wish I could) I snapped this colourful picture of some veggies. They were turned into bolognese or chilli, I can't remember.

Aside from a lovely weekend of baking (and not so lovely uni work), Tom and I took a little trip on the train to Southport. It was freezing cold, windy and raining but we had a fab day! We went to watch Southport v Cambridge because one of Tom's friends currently plays football for Cambridge and he managed to get us some tickets. 

Our football day out in pictures: 
1) Underground train station. At this point I had every intention of photographing everything.
2) Checking our accumulator bets... we didn't win (as usual). 
3) It isn't a trip to a football match without lager and crisps right?! We had pies too but they didn't stick around long enough to be photographed! 
4) A double rainbow at half time.


Late last night I cast on a pair of baby mittens after a slight pattern revision. 
Should be finished soon, eeeek!!

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